Business Incentives and Financing

Business Reinvestment and Infrastructure Development Grant Enterprise (BRIDGE) Program

The BRIDGE program was established to foster the recruitment and start-up of businesses to Queen Anne’s County. BRIDGE monies are available in the form of loans or performance loans/grants for new businesses and projects that create new a minimum of 5 new full time jobs. Eligible businesses must be in operation for less than one (1) year.  Certain conditions apply.  Strong consideration is given to those businesses that fall within the following industry profiles:  Advanced Manufacturing, Agriculture, Maritime, Technology, and Hospitality/Tourism.  For more information, please click on the FAQ link.  

Economic Development Incentive Fund (EDIF) Program:  

Queen Anne’s County Economic Development Incentive Fund (the Fund) was established by the County Commissioners to aid economic development in the County by providing financial assistance through loans, grants, or a combination of both. The Fund not only nurtures existing businesses, but also strives to attract or enhance those that complement Queen Anne’s County’s major industry sectors. 

The Economic Development Incentive Fund is offered to individuals/businesses interested in starting a new business, expanding an existing business, or relocating operations to Queen Anne’s County. Strong consideration is given to those businesses that fall within the following industry profiles: Advanced Manufacturing, Agriculture and Seafood, Technology, and/or Hospitality/Tourism.

Projects must demonstrate significant economic impact – such as job creation and retention, increase in production, and/or potential for a niche market – and be consistent with the County’s development land use goals and economic development priorities. The business must be physically located within the geographic boundaries of Queen Anne’s County; residency is not required of the business owner(s).

Applicants must provide a demonstrated need for the funding of the project. Disbursement of funds will be at the sole discretion of the Queen Anne’s County Economic Development Incentive Fund Commission and the Queen Anne’s county Commissioners. Contact the Department of Economic Development for more information. 

Queen Anne's County Revolving Loan Fund:  New and expanding businesses are eligible for low interest loans from the County's revolving loan fund. The fund works in concert with the local SCORE chapter which provides loan recipients with business planning and advisement before and after loans are awarded.
Commercial Real Property Tax Credit:  Businesses that invest $25,000 or more in real property improvements and create at least twelve new full time jobs within two years of the investment receive a four year property tax credit against the new property taxes generated by the project. The credit amount is 80% (Year 1), 60% (Year 2), 40% (Year 3) and 20% (Year 4)
Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE):  Queen Anne's County is one of three Maryland counties that participate in the PACE program which allows property owners to access competitive financing for energy efficiency and clean energy improvements to their buildings. These investments are then repaid through an additional surcharge on the annual property tax bill.

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy