Community Affairs - Public Information

Queen Anne's County Community Affairs gathers and disseminates information internally (for Commissioners and Employees) and externally (for public) Community Affairs assists the QAC Government with the goal of being transparent to its citizens and visitors. We promote events, initiatives and programs from Commissioners and County Departments. We also support other agencies and organizations with the promotion and dissemination of information to the public (other agencies include Library, State Highway Administration, Sheriff's Office, Utilities).

Leslie Salvatori
  1. State of the Art Ambulance Added to QAC’s Fleet

    County Commissioner Stephen Wilson, left, is given a tour of the county’s new Road Rescue Paramedic Ambulance by Scott Haas, Director of QAC DES and Lori Morris, Chief of Special Operations. Read on...
  2. Fines to be Set for Running School Bus Stop Signs

    The Commissioners unanimously passed legislation that paves the way for cameras to be installed on school bus exteriors to catch and fine those who blow passed the stopped buses endangering children. Read on...
  3. Sign Up for the Shenandoah Caverns Day Trip Aug. 29th

    Hop on the bus and join us for the August 29, bus trip to Shenandoah Caverns where the cool air of the caverns will refresh you and the natural wonders will amaze you. Read on...
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