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Queen Anne's County Invites you...

to one of Maryland’s best kept secrets. It is a place where captivating sunsets illuminate the rural landscape, the maritime industry thrives, the seafood is fresh, and the waterfront views are endless.

Queen Anne's, also known as Maryland’s gateway to the Eastern Shore, is located just 40 miles from Washington D.C., Queen Anne’s County is uniquely accessible by land, air and water. Escape the hectic monotony of everyday life by escaping to the Bay’s Eastern Shore. Embraced by over 200 miles of panoramic waterways, and graced with acres of pastoral rural landscape, Queen Anne’s offers a relaxing environment in which one may find peace of mind.  

Vacation is calling you...

Stay in a desirable waterfront location, a quaint bed & breakfast, historic inn or have an elite boutique hotel experience. Discover the beautiful parks and beaches that offer immaculate views of the Bay’s tributaries. Explore the unique wetlands and woodland areas by kayak, charter, bike or by foot on one of two scenic public pedestrian trails. Have a crab feast with extra Old Bay Seasoning at any restaurant of your choice.  If your crab picking skills need polishing, we can show you how to pick like a local!  If seafood is not your preference, don't worry our restaurants are sure to provide something for everyone.

Tour the working landscapes to enjoy locally grown and raised products at a road-side stand or farm. Purchase a ticket to catch a remarkable show at the Historic Church Hill Theatre.  You will find many things you will want to do on vacation – including nothing at all.

Queen Anne’s County invites you to the tranquility of Maryland’s Eastern Shore- because catching up is more important than keeping up.

Queen Anne's County Parks and Public Landings
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Queen Anne's County Recreation
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