Community Development Block Grant Program

The Queen Anne's County Deptartment of Housing and Community Services applies for and administers Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) grants each year.

The Community Development Block Grant Program is a federally funded grant program administered by the State of MD through a competitive application process. The CDBG program provides 1-time funding for special projects with an emphasis on serving the community, housing and economic needs of low and moderate-income residents.

Eligible Activities / National Objectives
Projects generally fall into 3 types:
  • Housing
  • Public facilities (water / sewer, streets, childcare, senior or community centers, shelters)
  • Economic development projects
A CDBG project must meet one of 3 national objectives. A project must either principally:
  • Benefit persons of low and moderate income
  • Eliminate slum and blight
  • Meet an urgent need of recent origin that threatens public health and safety
Over a designated 3-year period, the state must cumulatively use 70% of its allocation to benefit persons of low and moderate income.

Application Process
The state notifies eligible localities of the availability of funds and conducts training sessions on application development. Community Development applications are accepted by Maryland on a competitive basis annually.

Project Approval
Project applications are reviewed against criteria outlined in the Consolidated Plan, which include, but are not limited to such factors as:
  • Capacity to perform
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Local funding commitment
  • Need
  • Project impact
  • Readiness to proceed
Community Development projects are rated on a 150 point scale. Funding decisions generally are made in approximately 90 days, subject to approval by the Governor or his designee.

Time Frame
Grantees must complete the required environmental review record and obtain a release of funds prior to drawing CDBG funds. This process takes approximately 60 days. Project development must begin within 180 days of award.

Community development grants are awarded for a 24 month period. Economic development grants may be for a longer period where job creation is involved. A 1 year time extension maybe given in extenuating circumstances. After 1 extension, unused funds may be recaptured.