Hope School - Centreville

Originally located on the Hope Road, this 1-room school house has been relocated to the Queen Anne's County High School and restored with the help of the Retired Teacher's Association. One-room school, originally known as "Colored School No. 2, District No. 6", moved from its original location to its present 1. Tours available by request.

Old Kennard High School - Centreville

Kennard High School was the first and only secondary school in Queen Anne's County for African Americans. It served students in 7th through 12th grades and opened in the fall of 1936. The building consisted of 4 rooms, and cost $2,600 to build. That cost did not include lights however, and the local African-American community donated money to purchase lights. The names of the people who contributed a light were placed on the cornerstone of the building. The school operated until 1966, when schools in the Queen Anne's County were integrated.

Salem Elementary School - Centreville

Salem Elementary School was an early school for blacks around the year 1900.

Wye School - Wye Mills

The small brick building situated next to where the Wye Oak stood dates to circa 1800. This 1-room structure, with Flemish bond brickwork and a gable fireplace, is believed to be an early school building. However, it is possible that the small yet refined building was used as a dwelling or a plantation office. Read more about Wye School.

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