Animal Control

Animal Control provides patrols of the entire county, during which Animal Control Officers collect stray, unleashed, and licensed animals roaming at large. The officers respond to calls for assistance, and investigate complaints related to any domestic animal at the request or direction of the Queen Anne's County Department of Health concerning rabies risks. For other wild animal situations please contact the Wildlife Nuisance Hotline at 877-463-6497, or a licensed wildlife trapper.

The officers have received specialized training in the care, treatment, and handling of both wild and domestic animals. An Animal Control Officer is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for emergencies. Emergencies are defined as a situation in which the delay of immediate care will result in the death of the animal. Review the protocol for after hours emergency calls (PDF).

Animal Control Officer's are authorized by the Queen Anne's County Commissioners to exercise the authority necessary to enforce the provisions of the Queen Anne's County Code Chapter 9 and Maryland State Law relating to Animal Control.

The Animal Control Commission develops and updates, as the Commission may deem appropriate, Animal Control Regulations necessary or appropriate to implement the provisions and purpose of this chapter.  Such regulations shall have the force and effect of law.

Adoption Center

The Adoption Center is presently operated by:
Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County
201 Clay Drive
Queenstown, MD 21658
Phone: 410-827-7178

You may contact the center if you would like information about animals available for adoption. The center will accept any Queen Anne’s County pet that is relinquished to them by a county resident.