Engineering & General Services

Our Mission
Our mission is to respond promptly to customer service concerns, to safeguard the environment and to constantly respect the cost consciousness of the citizens of Queen Anne's County.

Our Objective
To Provide:
  • Engineering, design and inspection of County-funded construction projects
  • Execution of the County's Stormwater Management Ordinance
Department Structure
The Engineering and General Services Division assists the County Commissioners in the efficient construction and maintenance of the County's engineering projects. The Engineering and General Services Office includes the Chief of Engineering, 2 Civil Engineers, the Development Review Manager, and several support staff and inspectors. Six chief duties of the Engineering Division are:
  • Capital Project Oversight
  • Construction Inspection
  • Development Review
  • Floodplain and Stormwater Management
  • General Services / Facilities Maintenance
Capital Project Oversight Office
The Capital Project Oversight Office is responsible for the planning, budget preparation, design and construction of most of the County-owned buildings.

Construction Inspection Division
The Construction Inspection Division is responsible for inspection of road, bridge, storm drain, water and sewer facilities, and landfill construction to verify compliance with approved design drawings.

Development Review Office
The Development Review Office is responsible for coordination of efforts between County and private consulting engineers in the design of most major new roads, new bridges, and landfills. It is also responsible for design of special projects such as storm drain rehabilitation, site plan layout, and new roads scheduled under the Capital Improvement Program.

Floodplain & Stormwater Management Office
The Floodplain and Stormwater Management Office is responsible for all aspects of the County's floodplain and stormwater management program.

General Services Division

The General Services Division is responsible for the day to day maintenance and repair of most County-owned buildings.