Boards & Commissions

  1. Adult Public Guardianship Review Board

    The purpose of the Adult Public Guardianship Review Board is to ensure that the public guardian is doing a good job for the disabled.

  2. Aging Commission

    The Commission on Aging was formed at the inception of the Department of Aging in 1981 as an advisory body as required by the Older Americans Act.

  3. Agricultural Preservation Board

    The purpose of the Agricultural Preservation Board is to advise county government with respect to establishment of agricultural districts and the approval of purchases of easements by the foundation within the County.

  4. Agricultural Reconciliation Commission

    The Agricultural Reconciliation Commission was formed when Queen Anne's County passed a "Right to Farm" law. The commission is charged with the administration of this bill.

  5. Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council

    On May 11, 2004 Governor Ehrlich signed into law the requirement for each County in the State of Maryland to establish a local Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment services.

  6. Animal Control Commission

    The Animal Control Commission shall advise the County Commissioners on all questions of general policy relating to animal control in the County. The commission shall furthermore, when appropriate, bring matters of public interest to the attention of the County Administrator.

  7. Appeals Board - Zoning

    The Zoning Appeals Board holds public hearings on requests for variances, conditional uses and appeals relating to Queen Anne's County Code.

  8. Bay Bridge Airport Commission

    The purpose of the Bay Bridge Airport Commission is to investigate, review, report and make recommendations on the use and future use of the Bay Bridge Airport and its facilities, to review periodically the operating procedures of the Airport in order to assure compatibility of such procedures with the welfare of the community, and to uphold the Bay Bridge Airport Minimum Standards.

  9. Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee

    The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee will advise and make recommendations to the County on bicycle and pedestrian access issues.

  10. Blue Heron Golf Course Advisory Committee

    Learn about the Blue Heron Golf Course Advisory Committee.

  11. Board of Building Appeals

    The Board of Building Appeals was established to hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the building official, relative to the application and interpretation of the Building Code.

  12. Board of County Commissioners

    Meet the County Commissioners, and review the meeting documents published.

  13. Board of Elections

    The Board of Elections works to conduct all elections (state, federal and special) in Queen Anne's County.

  14. Community Partnerships for Children & Families LLB

    The Queen Anne’s County Partnerships for Children serves as the primary structure for the County to develop and maintain an effective and efficient system of services for children, adolescents, and families.

  15. Council for Children & Youth

    The purpose of the Council for Children and Youth is to promote children’s issues in Queen Anne’s County.

  16. Department of Emergency Services Advisory Council

    The Department of Emergency Services Advisory Council (DESAC) is to advise the department on matters of policy regarding the provision for emergency services in the County.

  17. Economic Development Commission

    The purpose of the Economic Development Commission is to develop a vibrant economy with the necessary human and business resources to provide the highest quality of life for all residents, while preserving the County’s distinctive cultural and environmental heritage.

  18. Economic Development Incentive Fund Commission

    The purpose of the Economic Development Incentive Fund Commission is to provide economic development programs and initiatives to foster new commercial opportunities while continuing to focus on intrinsic development of existing business entities.

  19. Electrical Examiners & Supervisors

    The Electrical Examiners and Supervisors is responsible for examining the qualifications and capabilities of persons who are engaged, or desire to engage, in business as a master or limited electrician, and to perform such other functions designated by the Board of County Commissioners.

  20. Electronic Media Advisory Board

    Resolution 09-02 established the Electronic Media Advisory Board to support the strategic operations of QAC-TV and the County Website.

  21. Employee Awards Committee

    The Employee Awards Committee provides oversight for all County employee awards.

  22. Ethics Commission

    The Ethics Commission devises, receives, and maintains all forms generated under this code.

  23. Fire & EMS Commission

    The Fire and EMS Commission's mission is to coordinate the activities of the volunteer fire and ambulance departments, and advise the County Commissioners on matters regarding fire suppression, fire prevention, rescue and volunteer emergency medical services within the County.

  24. Friends of Historic Christ Church

    View a list of board members for the Friends of Historic Christ Church.

  25. Housing Authority Board

    The purpose of the Housing Authority is to provide decent, safe and affordable housing for the residents of Queen Anne’s County.

  26. Kent Narrows Development Foundation

    The Kent Narrows Development Foundation was created in May 1990 to facilitate the revitalization of the Kent Narrows, a 955-acre waterfront area, which has been identified as a strategically important asset for the future of Queen Anne’s County.

  27. License Commission (Liquor Board)

    The Board is responsible for reviewing alcoholic beverage license applications, issuing licenses, license renewals, enforcement of laws, and printing, publishing and updating alcoholic beverage regulations.

  28. Local Management Board

    The mission of this board is to promote a safe, healthy and stable environment for all Queen Anne's County children and families by achieving a comprehensive system of education, health and human services whose effectiveness and responsiveness addresses the needs of children and families through public and private interagency collaboration.

  29. Local Workforce Investment Board

    The Local Workforce Investment Board is responsible for setting policy for the portion of the statewide workforce investment system within the local area.

  30. Mid-Shore Mental Health Systems

    The mission of MSMHS is to continually improve the provision of Mental Health services through effective collaboration with consumers of service, family members, providers and community leaders.

  31. Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

    The Board advises the Department of Parks and Recreation and the County Commissioners on all questions of general policy relating to parks and public recreation in the County.

  32. Personnel Board

    The Personnel Board exists to hear and decide all appeals by members of the classified service from personnel actions taken by the County.

  33. Planning Commission

    The Commission makes and approves plans they recommend to the Board of County Commissioners for adoption.

  34. Plumbing Board

    The board hears and attempts to resolve complaints, disputes, or questions regarding plumbing matters with property owners or their agents, licensed plumbers or the plumbing inspector.

  35. Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board

    Members of the Property Tax Assessment Board are recommended by the county commissioners and appointed by the Governor of Maryland. Earliest county records show appointments being made in 1978.

  36. Regional Mental Health Advisory Committee

    The Regional Mental Health Advisory Committee advises county and state officials on the needs of citizens with mental illness in this region and to identify ways in which these needs can be met.

  37. Seafood Reconciliation Committee

    Appointed members will arbitrate and mediate disputes involving seafood industry operations and issue opinions concerning whether or not such seafood operations are conducted in a manner consistent with generally accepted seafood practices.

  38. Social Services Board

    The Social Service Board serves in an advisory capacity to the director and members act as liaisons to bring concerns from their communities and to take back information.

  39. Spending Affordability Committee

  40. Sustainable Communities Council

    The Sustainable Communities Council is responsible for producing a Climate Action Plan and implementing the programs and projects detailed in the plan to the greatest extent achievable within available funding and resource allocation.

  41. Task Force on Government Sustainability

    The Task Force on Government Sustainability is tasked with making recommendations to the commissioners on restructuring operations to ensure long term sustainability while maintaining critical services.

  42. Upper Shore Mental Health Advisory

    The Board of Trustees originated from the Certificate of Need group to open the mid-shore mental health facility. The board exercises the power of the corporation, controls its property, and conducts its affairs.