Bay Bridge Airport Commission


Date Appointed
Term Expiration
James Barnette
May 12, 2015 June 30, 2017
Fred Lagno March 1, 2013  June 30, 2018 
John McCarthy July 1, 2015  June 30, 2017 
Nicholas Stoer March 10, 2015  June 30, 2018
John Veltman May 16, 2006 June 30, 2017


The Bay Bridge Airport Commission was established by resolution on November 5, 1990. The purpose of the commission is to investigate, review, report, and make recommendations on the use and future use of the Bay Bridge Airport and its facilities, to review periodically the operating procedures of the Airport in order to assure compatibility of such procedures with the welfare of the community and to uphold the Bay Bridge Airport Minimum Standards. It is to encourage the use of the Airport as an economic, recreational and educational center and promote good community relations.