More information concerning floodplain management, hazard mapping, insurance and protection is available through the following resources:

  1. - FEMA Map Service Center - Official Flood Maps
  2. DFIRM Outreach Program- Guides citizens and communities through the process of determining their current and future flood risks
  3. FloodSmart - The official site of the National Flood Insurance Program, managed by FEMA
  4. - Provides helpful information on what to do before, during and after a flood
  5. Professional Organization for flood plain managers which contains useful information and current events affecting outreach and legislation. 
  6. Mapping tool that allows user to zoom into a property and determine current and previous mapped areas. Address search no longer works. 
  7. - Elevation Certificate Fact Sheet
  8. Queen Anne's County - Department of Emergency Services
  9. Queen Anne's County Chamber of Commerce 

County Assistance
       Please email John Kling, CFM or call 410 758-0925, Ext. 4168 for questions.