DVD Requests

View shows on the Web for Free
Complete videos of County Commissioners, Planning Commission, and Board of Appeals meetings will usually be available for viewing on our website within 1 week following the actual meeting date. View our current meetings videos or for other content view our YouTube Channel.

Purchasing DVDs
DVDs of County Commissioners, Planning Commission, Board of Education, and Board of Appeals meetings are available for $10 a disk. Each meeting is typically 2 disks.

Other shows may be made available upon request for a fee of $10 a disk to cover staff time and media costs. Not all productions are available for purchase due to limited availability of staff hours and the priority to focus on filming and producing tomorrow's content for broadcast.

If you have any requests, please contact the corresponding staff member: Trouble Viewing Our DVDs
Our DVDs are actually made for entertainment / TV-based DVD players, not computers, but you may download the free VLC media player that seems to plays most video types.