Council for Children & Youth


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In 1957, the State of Maryland passed legislation requiring all counties to establish Councils for Children and Youth.
The purpose of the council are:
1. to identify the met and unmet educational, health, and social needs of children and their families,
2. to assist in the organization of community resources to meet the needs of Queen Anne's County children and their families,
3. to act as an advocate for children and their families.


1. To identify, document, and communicate needs, resources, and priorities of children and youth in Queen Anne’s County and
report to the Board of County Commissioners.
2. To stimulate community awareness and understanding of the needs of children and youth and to renew interest and
participate in meeting such needs effectively, and to assist families in knowing and obtaining information about children
programs and services in Queen Anne’s County.
3. To cooperate with other public and private agencies in finding ways to solve the challenges that face the children and youth
in Queen Anne’s County for the purpose of identifying duplication's, inefficiencies, effectiveness of the programs, resources, and
unmet needs.
4. To maintain concern and to make provisions for the developmental needs of children and youth in Queen Anne’s County to
include, but not limited to, the intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the youth.