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Posted on: November 9, 2016

Majority of Voters Reject Straw Poll Question A on QAC Voting Ballots


Queen Anne’s County residents voted against the “straw poll question” on the voting ballot, which was designed to gather citizens’ opinions as to changing the way in which County Commissioners are elected. The straw poll is non-binding and the purpose was to determine citizens’ opinions.

Question A on the ballot was “Do you favor changing the method of selection of four of the five members of the Queen Anne’s County Board of County Commissioners from the current method of being elected at large by the voters of Queen Anne’s County, with one member residing in each of the four election districts, to a new method where each of the four members is elected by only the voters of the district in which the member resides and the fifth member is elected at large and may reside in any district of the County?”

Votes against Question A totaled 13,087, and 10,763 supported the straw poll ballot question.

Queen Anne's County Commissioner Robert C. Buckey said, "I always want to hear from the citizens. This was Democracy at it's best. The citizens have spoken. I am delighted that the majority of the citizens made the right choice in this matter. We govern as a whole, we make decisions for the whole county on taxes, budget, and projects that are throughout the county; therefore, we need to be accountable to all citizens . We must have knowledge of the county as a whole in order to govern properly. It is now time for the county to heal and I look forward to helping with this process."

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