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Posted on: December 15, 2016

County Administrator Gregg Todd's Wrap Up of Dec. 13 QAC Commissioner Meeting


Meeting began at 8:30 with a closed session to discuss the president/vice president and board assignments. Consensus was taken and at the beginning of open session Commissioner Steve Wilson was elected as President, Commissioner Jack Wilson VP and following changes to liaison changes to Boards and Commission were made:

  • Parks and Rec Advisory Board – Commissioner Moran replaces Commissioner Steve Wilson
  • BOE – Commissioner Steve Wilson replaces Commissioner Anderson, Commissioner Jack Wilson replaces Commissioner Buckey as alternate
  • Electronic Media Advisory Board was changed to QAC Cable Franchise Committee (per Resolution 16-98 below) – Commissioner Jack Wilson stayed on as rep
  • Planning and Zoning – Commissioner Moran added as liaison

In addition, it was approved that the meetings would follow Roberts Rules of Order and that Pat Thompson’s contract would be renewed.

While originally there was no second meeting in Dec scheduled due to the Christmas Holiday, the commissioners are having a short meeting next week for a closed personnel session and to finish some business from this week that we were not able to get to.

Tab 2, DPW:

1. Membership to the Baltimore Metropolitan Council and Baltimore Regional Transportation Board –info item, state legislation is required to make if official and we have reached out to our delegation.

2. Centreville Library Interior Renovations – Construction Bid – J.A.K. low bidder at 127,833 – approved

3. R.B. Baker and Sons Inc. Rubble Surcharge Agreement – it was determined that the commissioners would review and Commissioner Anderson would take the lead on addressing any of their concerns/comments

Tab 3, Action:

1. Paul Comfort Proclamation – This is for Paul winning the 2016 President’s transportation award – was read into the record and given to Paul at the Commissioners Open House.

2. Sale and Assignment of Interest Agreement – property the county picked up through tax sale – approved

3. Animal Welfare League MOU&A – approved

4. Public Landings Fee Change Resolution – Parks Department, Landings – increase non-Maryland annual permit for landings from $60 to $70 and increase vendor revenue share from $1.00 to $1.50 per permit. – approved

5. Enforcement Resolution – Parks Department – approved

6. FY17 Parks Vehicle Replacement – Dodge Ram truck – approved

7. Blue Heron Park – Landscape Services @ Driving Range – this work qualifies as WIP so we are proposing to take from the WIP fund. Low bid is Rooted in Nature, $37,650 – approved

8. Request for Full-Time Park Ranger I Position – approved

9. Vehicle Replacement, DES – approved

10. TA 16-21 Add Farm Brewery Definition to Chapter 18-1A: Glossary – action is to request Patrick to draft ordinance – approved to forward to Patrick

Tab 4, Information:

1. MD Comptroller – Issue with some Local Income Tax Distribution Notice

2. MD Comptroller – Issue with some Local Income Tax Distribution resolution – we owe $688,718 to be paid back starting in 7 years with a 10 year pay back
3. State of MD - Bay Bridge Cove Condominium I, Inc – notice of application received

4. Program Eligibility for Medical Marijuana MD CDBG Program – clarifies that any cannabis processing/growing/distributing cannot be done where CDBG funds have been invested, i.e. Matapeake

5. MDE – Notice of Applications Received

6. 2017 Destination Marketing Organization Grant Program for Tourism

7. AWL – report of unhealthy dog adoption

8. Blue Heron Golf Course Committee staff recommendation for course maintenance

9. Notice of applied for permit to Appropriate & Use Water of the State

10. Dept of Eco Dev November Report

11. Plumbing Board Minute’s

12. Anti-Bullying committee Thank you

13. Community Mediation Upper Shore request

Tab 5, Private:

A. Appointment of President, Vice President, Boards and Commissions

B. Appointment of County Attorney

C. Economic Development Director Information for December 20 meeting

Tab 6, Presentations:

I. Spending Affordability Committee Recommendation Review – Jon Seeman 9:45 – recommendations approved and Ordinance 16-24, increasing the Rainy Day Fund from 7% of general fund operating revenue to 8% was introduced.

II. One of 20 Influential Black Men on the Eastern Shore – LaMonte Cooke, congrats to LaMonte! 9:45

III. Shore Health Update – Patti Willis, 10:30

IV. Character Counts – “Fairness” – Elaine Butler 10:45

Tab 7, Legislative:

County ordinance 16-04 – Rezoning of a 20,000 square foot parcel, Tax Map 58A, Parcel 87, from Urban Commercial (UC) to Grasonville Neighborhood Conservation (GNC) –introduced

County Ordinance 16-23 – Revisions to Chapter 11, Construction Regulation; Electrical Examiners, of the Code of Public Local Laws of Queen Anne’s County, Maryland –introduced

County Ordinance 16-25 – An Update to the QAC Construction Codes (Chapter 10 of the Code of Public Local Laws of QAC) – introduced

County Ordinance 16-26 – Revisions to the QAC Cable Television Act, Chapter 29 of the Code of Public Local Laws of QAC – introduced

Resolution 16-98 – Establishing the QAC Cable Franchise Committee - approved

County Ordinance 16- 16 – Elevator Sizes in QAC, MD – approved

County Ordinance 16-19 – Public Ways and Sidewalks – approved

County Ordinance 16-20 – Ownership Disclosure before the Board of Appeals of QAC, MD – voted down

County Ordinance 16-10 – Revisions to the Criteria for Special Events in QAC – held due to time constraints

County Ordinance 16-11 – Revisions to the Criteria for Special Events located within the Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas in QAC – held due to time constraints

County Ordinance 16-12 – The Regulation of LED and Electronic Signs in QAC – introduced

 Thanks to all of you that attended the Commissioners Open House!



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