Housing Livability & Rehabilitation

This Unit, led by Denise Weiland, Housing PIC for website rehab 1Program Manager, has two distinct responsibilities.  First, we enforce the minimum livability code for County residential rental properties to ensure our County residents live in homes which are safe and healthy.  Secondly, we work with qualifying  low-income residential property owners to rehabilitate homes and to alleviate health and safety hazards.    

Enforcing the Housing Code for Renters

Denise Weiland is the rental housing code inspector for Queen Anne's County.  She is responsible for enforcing Chapter 15 of the Code of Queen Anne's County, Maryland in all areas of the County other than some incorporated towns who are governed by their own housing code.  If you believe that the health, safety and or welfare of your rental unit is in jeopardy you may contact Ms. Weiland for guidance at 410-758-3977, extension 2066 or by email.

Housing Rehabilitation

The purpose of the County's Housing Rehabilitation Program is to preserve and improve single family properties. Homeowners  who have health and safety hazards may be eligible for loans to improve their home.  Eligible homeowners may qualify for funding to  correct exterior and interior deficiencies, make accessibility modifications, correct health and safety violations, improve weatherization, energy conservation and correct lead-based paint violations. Some general improvements may also be eligible for financing after renovation of the priority items listed above. Luxury items such as swimming pools and recreational facilities are not eligible for financing. For more information contact Denise Weiland at 410-758-3977, extension 2066 or by email.

Queen Anne’s County Emergency Home Repair & Special Loan Program.

Queen Anne’s County Division of Housing and Community services has been awarded funds to provide grants and/or loans to residents of Queen Anne’s County for emergency repair to the home they would otherwise by unable to afford.

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Queen Anne’s County Fresh Start Fund

The purpose of this loan program is to assist current owner-occupied single-family homeowners in Queen Anne's County with the rebuild of homes when they are beyond repair. We understand how difficult and stressful it can be when homeowners experience structural failure, and our goal is to assist families in maintaining the safety, comfort, and value of their home.

The QAC Fresh Start Fund is a yearlong program available to homeowners who reside in Queen Anne's County and meet certain eligibility criteria. Please not that submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance into the program and all projects must be approved by the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development.

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