Vaccine Check - State Verified digital Health Cards

VaccineCheck – State Verified Digital Health Cards

The Queen Anne’s County Health Department is working with VaccineCheck – a program that creates free digital State Verified Health Cards for Queen Anne’s County residents, regardless of where they received their vaccination or booster shot.  People who were vaccinated in Queen Anne’s County but reside in other counties can also use this service.

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VaccineCheck creates your personalized digital CDC vaccination card after verifying your COVID-19 vaccine history through Maryland’s statewide immunization registry as well other state registries. If your information cannot be verified in the state system, you will not be issued a digital card.

You can also use the service to upload an image of your paper CDC vaccine card for safe digital record-keeping.  Both cards are accessible through your smartphone or computer for easy, safe access anytime you need them.

The process is secure, HIPAA-compliant, and free. Just enter your information, including your vaccination dates and a picture of your card, or your mother’s maiden name. VaccineCheck will confirm the information and create your secure vaccination card. Your information is kept private.

Click this link to register today:     Queen Anne’s County VaccineCheck Program.  For technical assistance or support, please contact or (888) 750-2247.

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For technical assistance or support, please contact or (888) 750-2247.