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Welcome to the Parks Department Website! Parks and Recreation are back together again at the 1945 4-H Park Road, Centreville, Maryland 21617.  We are currently working on combining our websites, but until we "go live" we are staying with the current setup.   

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New! Cross County Connector Trail

Construction updates can be found here.

New Bench Memorial Program 

Read about the program here. If interested in ordering a bench, please fill out form or come into our headquarters at 1945 4H Park Road, Centreville. Call us with questions at (410) 758-0835.

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New Notification System for Sports Leagues Using QAC Parks

 As parents and kids gear up for the fall sports season, Queen Anne’s County Parks and Recreation Department is taking advantage of a digital app to alert park users to field closures and openings.
 “We will now be utilizing an app called Rainout Line for all field and gym status updates,” said James Miller, Recreation League Coordinator.  “This new technology provides users with instant alerts on field/gym status changes through text and/or email, as well as receiving notifications via the mobile app. We believe this new method will keep our users readily informed, which will lead to a better overall experience for our community. This is just one of the many ways we are trying to move forward and incorporate technology where appropriate.
 Mobile users can download the Rainout Line app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and choose whether to receive field status alters via text or email. So as not to inundate users, notifications will only be sent when there is a change in status. For example, if it is sunny and dry for two weeks, users will only get a status update when a field or fields are closed. The department is also changing its policy and is no longer allowing fields to be open at “coaches’ discretion.” The field will be either open or closed to play.
 However, another benefit of the Rainout Line app is that parks staff have the ability to look at a park they manage and if, for example, two ball fields are fit for play and a third is too wet, they can alert users to that information on a field by field basis.
 Desktop users can also go to and search by county name. Results shown are like a traffic light, green for open, red for closed and yellow means there is a message with further instructions.
 Those without access to the internet can call in for the information at 410-202-0705 and listen to the phone menu and enter the number that is given for your field.
 By mid-September, field status will no longer be updated on Facebook.
 “We have a First-Time User Guide for Rainout Line with step by step instructions,” said Miller.
 Those needing assistance are encouraged to call Miller at 410.758.0835, Ext. 2536 or email him at

About the Department

The Parks Department encompasses Parks, Public Landings, Blue Heron Golf Course, and Bay Bridge Airport. It works with both the public and private sectors to plan, develop, maintain, preserve and enhance the County’s natural resources, open spaces and waterfront properties. These amenities serve to stimulate economic development by spurring development of hotels, restaurants, fishing charters, water activities, adventure tours and other ancillary uses of the County’s natural resources.


In keeping with its mission to preserve, enhance and protect our open spaces and natural resources to enrich the quality of life for present and future generations, the Department remains focused on its objective to promote the positive image of Queen Anne’s County as a desirable place to live and visit.

The Department oversees the planning, acquisition, design, construction, maintenance and development of an extensive parks and public landings system in proportion with the growing population and development within the County.

QAC 2017 LPPRP - Land Preservation, Parks and Recreation Plan (Adopted 3/27/18)

The LPPRP has been adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and is available for viewing via this link  2017 LPPRP