Wildlife Control & Management

Animal Control will only respond to wildlife calls at the request of Environmental Health concerning rabies.

Chestertown Wildlife Control

  • Contact Person: Dale Loughry
  • Office: 410-778-3315
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Does not handle raptor birds, exotic animals, deer, or swans

ABC Wildlife Control LLC

  • Owner: Mark Leggett
  • Office: (Toll Free) 888-884-4330
  • Licensed and Insured - Maryland and Deleware
  • 24 hour service, humane capture only, will also trap feral cats.

Nuisance Wildlife Control & Management

  • Contact Person: Morgan Bennett III
  • Office: 410-943-4623
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Handles all species, covering the Eastern Shore

Adcock’s Wildlife Management

  • Contact Person: Michael Adcock
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Office: 410-827-0547
  • Cell: 410-253-0489
  • Handles all wildlife covering MD, DC, and VA

Department of Natural Resources Wildlife - Annapolis, MD

Department of Natural Resource Police Dispatch

  • Office: 410-758-2890
  • Dispatch NRP for injured wildlife

Wildlife Assistance


Tri State Bird Rescue Delaware

Office: (302) 737-9543


Moon Owl Raptor Bird Rescue (Owls, Hawks, Eagles and Osprey) 

Office: (301) 353-8947


Friskey’s Wildlife & Primate Sanctuary Inc. Does not provide transportation of animal 

Office: (410) 418-8899



Wildlife Damage Control

Nuisance Wildlife