Public Works

Current Transfer Station info, including hours, can be found at DPW’s Facebook page, link below: Queen Anne’s County Public Works

Operation & Maintenance

The Department of Public Works assists the County Commissioners in the efficient operation, oversight and maintenance of County Roads, Transfer Stations, vehicles and equipment; as well as the County’s engineering projects and the Sanitary District.

The Public Works Department is comprised of 6 divisions:

  • Administration
  • Engineering and General Services
  • Property Management
  • Roads
  • Sanitary
  • Solid Waste (Dumps/Recycling)

Through these offices, the department maintains roads and bridges and also manages engineering and environmental projects, Public Works agreements, cable television franchise agreements, and the County water and sewer systems.

Public Works Agreements

Public Works Agreements are construction agreements between the County and developers/contractors for the construction and maintenance of public improvements.

Broadband in Queen Anne's County

Current or pending wired broadband infrastructure (service maps) based on permits or other available information (Talkie, ThinkBig, Breezeline, Choptank Fiber)

Comprehensive Water & Sewer Plan

Dump Schedule

Transfer Station Hours

Recycling Information

Green Recycling Symbol

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