Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is required for insurable structures within SFHAs to protect lenders and Federal financial investments and assistance used for acquisition and/or construction purposes within communities participating in the NFIP.

A number of factors are used to determine flood insurance premiums, including the amount of coverage purchased, the deductible, location, age, occupancy, and type of building. For newer buildings in floodplains, the elevation of the lowest adjacent grade (the lowest ground touching the structure), or lowest floor relative to the BFE will also be used to rate the policy.

A policy may be purchased from any licensed property insurance agent or broker who is in good standing in the State in which the agent is licensed or through any agent representing a Write Your Own (WYO) company. Call 1-800-720-1093 or visit floodsmart.gov to find a flood insurance agent near you.

Queen Anne's County Chamber of Commerce - Provides information for local insurance companies.