Vincit Building

110 Vincit Street

Centreville, Maryland 21617

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Press and Public Comments will be accepted in person or via email and we will read them during the Press & Public Comment time on the agenda. Please send your email comments to or live comments by going to We will accept comments up until the end of the meeting.  Citizens are asked to submit all other written testimony to the County Commissioners by mail at 107 N. Liberty Street, Centreville, MD 21617 or by email at
 Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.



Call to Order

5:00 p.m.         Call to Order,

                                    Pledge of Allegiance,

                                    Moment of Silence,

                                    Approval of Agenda


                                                Accept County Commissioners’ Minutes

- Regular Minutes – August 24, 2021

- Roads Minutes – August 10, 2021

- Sanitary Minutes – August 10, 2021

- Closed Session – August 24, 2021


Work Session

5:10 p.m.         County Commissioners - Planning Commission – 2021 Comprehensive Plan Update – Joint Plan Informational Work Session Lauren Good and Ray Moravec of Wallace Montgomery will lead the County Commissioners and Planning Commission in a joint informational work session to discuss the status of the 2021 Comprehensive Plan Update. That discussion will focus upon the status of the drafting process and next steps, as well as key issues identified in the update to include the draft Land Use Chapter and the County’s growth areas


6:35 p.m.         Press and Public Comments**




6:45 p.m.         Judge Lynn Knight

Circuit Court of QAC Problem Solving Court/Adult Drug Court/Recovery Court


New Business



1. Electric Vehicle Institute – Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Grant Agreement


2. Chesapeake Heritage Center Bulkhead Rehabilitation Project


3. Resolution 21-16:  Authorizes MDE Phase II loan for SKI project



                        7:15 p.m.         Mr. Todd R. Mohn, PE, County Administrator

“Presentation of Documents for Signatures and Weekly Correspondence”


1. Proclamation – Library Card Sign-up Month 2021

2. Proclamation –National Senior Center Month

3. Proclamation – Character Counts! Responsibility 

4. Equitable Sharing Agreement & Certification for the QAC Sheriff’s Office

5. Equitable Sharing Agreement & Certification for the QAC Drug Task Force

6. John Ramsey Administrative Subdivision – Legal Documents – Amended Open Space Easement

7. Parks Equipment Purchase - Ford Transit Connect Vans

8. FY22 Parks & Recreation FIREWORKS Contract

9. Request for Economic Development Incentive Funding – MRS, Inc. T/A Kent Island Crab Cakes

10. QACPS – Transfers between major state categories   

11. Property Liens – Nuisance Violations

12. Budget Amendment CC-8 – Community Partnerships

13. Budget Amendment CC-11- Public Landings

14. Budget Amendment CC-46 – Animal Services

15. Budget Amendment CC-9 – Animal Services



                       7:40 p.m.         Legislative Session

County Ordinance 21-06 - Accessory Structures in Side Yards of Property Abutting Two Streets (available to be voted on)


County Ordinance 21-08 - The Adoption of the 2017 National Electric Code (to be introduced)


                        7:45 p.m.         Press and Public Comments**


                        7:50 p.m.         Commissioner’s Roundtable

  1. ORD 21-06.pdf

Closed Session

8:00 p.m.         Beverly Churchill, Director of Human Resources
Under Section 3-305(b) (1) of the General Prevision Article


8:15 p.m.         Under Section 3-305(b) (3) of the General Prevision Article

                        “Land Acquisition” 


* Please note the scheduled times are subject to change, except for public hearings. PUBLIC COMMENT SIGN-IN SHEET WILL BE AVAILABLE 1 HOUR PRIOR TO THE MEETING.


**Press and Public Comment at the beginning of the meeting will last 15 minutes. Additional time will be available at the end of the meeting for anyone wishing to speak.  Comments are limited to 3 minutes in length.  Comments longer than 3 minutes must be submitted in writing.  PRESS AND PUBLIC COMMENT SIGN-IN SHEET WILL BE AVAILABLE 1 HOUR PRIOR TO THE MEETING.  


***Part of the meeting may be closed to the Public in accordance with the Open Meetings Act procedures.


            Sept 12 – Corsica River Days

            Sept 14 - Off Road Trail Ribbon Cutting on site at Terrapin Nature Park

            Sept 18 - 9th Annual Harvest Moon Ball

            Sept 23 - EDC Rebranding Breakfast