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Posted on: January 27, 2023

Todd Mohn’s Wrap Up of January 24th County Commissioner Meeting

Todd Mohn’s Wrap Up of January 24th County Commissioner Meeting


The Commissioners January 24th meeting started at 5:00 p.m. with a closed session for Boards & Commissions.  The regular meeting was called to order at 5:30 pm.  


  1. Council for Children and Youth                                   

This Council currently has three (3) members that would like to be reappointed on the Council for Children and Youth.  Nicole Chase-Powell, Jenny Crossley and Jone Taylor.   These terms will expire on December 31, 2025.   APPROVED 5-0



Item #

  1. Public Hearing – Ordinance 23-01 – Public Facilities Bond Authorization of 2023 

This is the hearing for the public local law to authorize and empower Queen Anne’s County to borrow not more than seven million dollars ($7,000,000) for the public purpose of financing or refinancing certain public facilities. The net proceeds from the sale of the bonds authorized to be issued hereunder shall be used and applied for financing or refinancing one or more of the following projects which shall include without limitation, design, engineering, planning, fiscal, and legal expenses related thereto. Capital projects approved by the Board of Education including projects including construction, improvement and/or renovation of one or more administrative buildings and other renovations and improvements at one or more schools, including a roof replacement at Queen Anne’s County High School and other capital projects approved for bond funding in the County’s Capital Budget for Fiscal Year 2023 or as otherwise approved by the County Commissioners.  ADOPTED 5-0


  1. Public Hearing – Growth Allocation Petition – Armored Storage Kent Island

This is the first of two Public Hearings for the referenced Growth Allocation Petition.

A growth allocation petition was filed for Nashville Properties requesting growth allocation to reclassify 2.811 acres of Limited Developed Area to Intensely Developed Area. This request includes existing Parcels 351, 352, and 287 located on Tax Map 57 on Piney Creek Road and Nash Court. These parcels will be absorbed into Parcel 351 by administrative subdivision. The applicant is proposing a 156,000 square-foot, 4-story self-storage facility with interior access only and associated parking.  The Planning Commission has approved the request. A second public hearing will be scheduled following the review of the proposal by the Critical Area Commission.    NO ACTION - RECORD OPEN UNTIL NEXT MEETING on Feb 14 



Item #                                                                                                                                      

  1. Proclamation 23-02 Human Trafficking Prevention Month



  1. Proclamation 23-03 National Mentoring Month



  1. Kent Island High School Band Boosters Request                                                             

The Kent Island High School Band Boosters are requesting funds in the amount of $1,082.65 due to the Kent Island High School track pavement renovation which caused the event to be moved from Kent Island High School stadium to the practice field.  Track renovations were completed prior to the event however timing did not allow for the event to be moved back to the stadium. THIS ITEM WAS TABLED 


  1. Local Parks and Playground Infrastructure Grant Vendor Approval 

The Commissioners previously approved the following projects to be completed using the $1 million grant from DNR- Local Parks and Playgrounds Infrastructure (LPPI):

1.  Renovate the Courts at Round Top Park to create two Pickleball
 Courts and one Basketball Court.
 2.  Replace the Basketball Court Lights at Pinkney Park.
 3.  Color Coat the Basketball Court at Pinkney Park.
 4.  Construct a Skate Park at Cockey Lane in Stevensville.


Parks and Recreation is recommending to use the following vendors for the above listed projects:

a. For the Court Work - ATC Corp utilizing the National Cooperative
 Purchasing Alliance Contract, NCPA#08-18.
 b. For Court Lights — MUSCO Lighting utilizing the Keystone
 Purchasing Network Agreement KPN-20 1901-01.
 c. For the Skate Park — American Ramp Company utilizing the
Sourcewell Contract #112420-ARC APPROVED 5-0


5.  Bloomfield Maryland Heritage Area Authority Grant

Parks and Recreation received a Maryland Heritage Areas Authority Grant for $17,500.  The grant requires a match from the county (also in the amount of $17,500). This grant will be used for the cost of creating a master plan for the Bloomfield Farmhouse at White Marsh Park including a historic structures report. Staff recommends execution of the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority Grant for Bloomfield Farmhouse at White Marsh Park.  APPROVED 5-0


6.  Parks and Recreation Capital Equipment Purchase   

In 2021 Parks was approved to purchase two 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 Extended Cab 4WD Trucks from Hertrich Fleet Services in Milford, Delaware for $36,464 each.  Due to supply chain shortages we have not received one of the trucks.  Recently, we were informed that Chevrolet is no longer making 2022 models.  Parks has the option to still purchase a truck however it will be at the 2023 model rate of $49,575, a difference of $13,111. The Department of Parks and Recreation is requesting permission to continue with the purchase of the truck at the increased cost.  Funding shall come from the Capital Project Budget #40221 Capital Equipment account. APPROVED 5-0


7.  Property Lien – Nuisance Violation Resolution #23-02 

This is nuisance violation Resolution #23-02 for unmanaged high vegetation on property owned by Palmer F. Councell located at 1118 Price Station Road.  A lien will be attached to this property in the amount of $400.00 to reimburse the County for the cost of grass cutting. APPROVED 5-0


8.  Property Lien – Nuisance Violation Resolution #23-03  

This is nuisance violation Resolution #23-03 for unmanaged high vegetation on property owned by Arlene Williams located at 117 Coleman Drive.  A lien will be attached to this property in the amount of $300.00 to reimburse the County for the cost of grass cutting. APPROVED 5-0


9.  Rural Legacy – Priority Area  Designation

The County has two existing Rural Legacy Areas, Lands End and Foreman Branch. When applying for grant funding for preservation in both areas, the Department of Natural Resources requests that a priority be given for one of the two areas.  In 2022 the County Commissioners designated the Foreman Branch Rural Legacy area as priority for funding in FY 23. Staff recommends designating the Land’s End Rural Legacy Area as Priority for FY24 Funding. APPROVED 5-0


10. MALPF Matching Funds Program 

Queen Anne’s County is a certified County which means 80% of all Agricultural Transfer tax collected is retained by the County and 20% is remitted to the State of Maryland. The agricultural Transfer Tax is used for easement acquisitions. Queen Anne’s County also participates in the Matching Funds Program which would enable the County to receive monies from the State. The initial allocation from the State will provide approximately $1,300,000 to each County for easement acquisition.  For the MALPF Matching Funds Program, FY23 Agricultural Transfer Tax available is $354,900.  In addition, FY23 Solar tax receipts available is $165,470.  If we included a General Fund Transfer (not budgeted, would need a FY23 budget amendment) of $812,963 the total amount of matching funds committed by the County would total $1,333,333.  The State would then grant an additional $2,000,000 for easement acquisition. This would yield approximately $4,633,333+ for land preservation in the county this cycle.   APPROVED 5-0


11. Rural Legacy Deed of Easement – Gus Pappas 

The FY22 Rural Legacy grant was submitted in January 2021 and on December 1, 2021, the Board of Public Works awarded funding for the Lands Rural Legacy Area. These funds have been utilized for easement acquisitions.  Gus Pappas is one of the two properties selected to preserve. The project agreement and agreement of sale were approved by the Commissioners at the July 26, 2022, meeting.  The 170.286 -acre property is located within the Lands End Rural Legacy area and will enhance the large area of preserved lands. No County funds were used in the preservation of the property.  Staff recommends approval and execution of the Rural Legacy Deed of Easement for Gus Pappas. APPROVED 5-0


Desk Item 1–  Priority Projects Letter to Governor Moore - This is an updated letter to Governor Moore outlining the Counties top budget priorities and our request for funding assistance in the Governor’s pending supplemental budget.   APPROVED 5-0


Desk Item 2 – FORD Transit Connect Van Acquisition - Parks was approved to purchase two 2021 Ford Transit Connect Vans from Apple Ford for $44,670 total.  Due to supply chain shortages, they have not received either of the vans.  We were informed that these vans still do not have a build date and that we can cancel our contract if need be.  Parks has reached out to two dealerships and has found one vehicle in stock from Preston CDJR of Millsboro.  The vehicle in stock would a be 2022 Ram ProMaster City Wagon for $35,604.  Parks is requesting approval to cancel the current contract with Apple Ford and enter into a new contract with Preston CDJR of Millsboro for this unit. APPROVED 5-0


Desk Item 3 - Environmental Policies Letter – This is a draft letter to the Moore transition team regarding environmental programs and priorities that we have in the county.  This was requested by Jay Falstad who is a member of the Moore Administration’s Executive Policy Committee for Climate & Environment. APPROVED 5-0


Desk Item 4 – Budget Amendment CC-47 Roads Division -  This budget amendment will transfer the budget authority for the Roads Department from the General Fund to a separate fund established for the accounting of Roads Operations. During the FY21 GFOA review of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR), we became aware that we are required to account for the Roads Department in a separate fund. Since there is a separate Board, it is a blended component unit and cannot be combined with the General Fund of the County.  In summary, this amendment removes all revenue ($1,095,000) and expenditure ($5,472,826) budgets for Roads from the General Fund (pages 1 and 2). Those budgets are added to the new Roads Operating Fund (pages 3 and 4). The deficit of $4,377,826 is included as a transfer out of the General Fund and a transfer into the new Roads Operating Fund, which creates a balanced budget in the new fund.   Note, prior to the 2012 recession and the loss of Highway User Revenue (HUR), Roads was historically a separate fund.  It was rolled into the General Fund during this time period due to the HUR reduction of 95% (HUR is a State Shared Revenue).  APPROVED 5-0


Request to Support enabling legislation to increase Hotel Room Tax - The Worcester County Commissioners are seeking support for enabling legislation granting the Eastern Shore code home rule counties the authority to increase the hotel room tax from 5% to a maximum of 6%.   APPROVED 5-0  



Item #                                                                                                                                                 


  1. Planning and Zoning  December 2022 Monthly Department Report 

Thank you letter from Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Eastern 

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