What are the restrictions in the buffer?
Generally, construction and land disturbance, such as clearing trees, cutting brush, or grading, are prohibited in the buffer. New structures, roads, septic systems, sheds, and utilities must be located outside the buffer unless an applicant works with the local approving authority to obtain a variance. Some structures that are determined to be water dependent, such as a boat ramp, or that provide access to the water or are associated with erosion control measures can be permitted in the buffer subject to certain regulatory requirements and permits.

The cutting or removal of natural vegetation in the buffer is not allowed unless a property owner obtains approval of a buffer management plan from the local government.

Replanting is typically required for the removal of vegetation with certain exceptions for dead trees and invasive species. If the buffer is already forested, it should be maintained in natural vegetation. Supplemental planting is permitted within the buffer. Native plant species should be used to enhance wildlife habitat.

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