ISPs in or near QAC:
    1. Breezeline
    2. Choptank Fiber
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    3. Talkie Communications
      • Note: Recently, Talkie Communications recently received a federal grant from the Rural Development Opportunity Fund to connect unserved or underserved areas. Based on this grant’s auction format, as the lowest bidder (undercutting the price point set by Verizon), Talkie Communications won all the 289 census blocks in QAC. Over 10 years they will receive $3,230,027 ($323,027 annually) to complete this work. Talkie also won most of the remaining areas of Maryland and Delaware, 39,098 areas and $57,065,010. This grant requires that at the end of year three that 40% of the homes in these areas must have service available. Note that since this is a federal grant, QAC is not regulating this activity, nor does the County have any agreements in place to monitor progress.
    4. ThinkBig
    5. Comcast

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1. What is broadband?
2. For broadband, how fast is fast enough?
3. What types of internet access do we have in Queen Anne’s County (QAC)?
4. What is the difference between wired and wireless internet?
5. For my current broadband connection, If I have been using the same equipment for a long time could that impact my internet speed?
6. What is QAC doing to increase/improve broadband access?
7. What grant opportunities exist?
8. Which areas of QAC are unserved and underserved?
9. Why don’t we have broadband access in certain areas?
10. Why won’t QAC allow other ISPs to “overbuild” (provide duplicate service) where Breezeline (formerly Atlantic Broadband) fiber exists?
11. Is there any way to make getting wired broadband to my home more affordable if I have a long driveway?
12. What can I do to help get broadband to my community?
13. ISPs in or near QAC:
14. Wireless ISPs in or near QAC:
15. Current or pending wired broadband infrastructure (service maps) based on permits or other available information: