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Station 200

Dedicated in 1990, the south sub-station was only the 2nd Advanced Life Support station in the county. This station was originally manned by volunteer paramedics to cover the increasing need for Advanced Life Support in the southern part of the county.

Prior to its opening, the nearest paramedic unit would more than likely respond from the Centreville area. This station evolved into a paid crew member in a lone chase vehicle in the early 1990s, and was only manned during daytime hours until it was staffed around-the-clock in 1999.

Station Renaming

The county purchased its 1st ambulance in 1997. With the opening of Station 100 in 2008, the ambulance was moved to Route 8, taking the station number with it. It was at that time the station was renamed Station 200 and, when staffing levels permit, this station is again home to a chase vehicle. When staffed, this unit provides additional skills and an extra set of hands for the most critical patients.

Due Area

1st Due Area: Bay Bridge to Greenspring Road on Route 301, Bay Bridge to Route 213 on Route 50
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