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Station 400

With the hiring of our 1st full-time employee in 1988, our heritage began. This Headquarters site has been the one to see the most change over the years. At that time a lone paramedic operating in a chase vehicle could be found in an 8’x10’ room in the back of the 911 call center.

Station Relocation

The center was originally located at 312 Safety Drive underneath what is now the Department of Public Works building. In 2000, with the opening of our Emergency Services Building on Communications Drive, this small basement office was abandoned for a new (but equally cozy) area in our county’s current 911 Center (known as the Public Safety Answering Point). In 2008, the EMS offices were temporarily moved into a FEMA trailer located next to the building.

Current Station 400

An opportunity became available in 2010 when the Maryland State Police Aviation Division moved their operation to Easton Airport, and the Station was moved across the street into the vacant helicopter hangar. This building was slightly modified by converting the hangar door into 3 separate vehicle bays to accommodate up to 6 vehicles and adequate room for storage. Currently, Station 400 houses a paramedic ambulance and a paramedic supervisor chase vehicle 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Due Area

1st Due Area: Town of Centreville north on Route 213 to John Powell Road, Route 301 from Perlee Road to Route 405, Route 50/Route 213 to the Town of Queen Anne.
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