Design Standards and Guidelines by Zone


The Chester and Stevensville Master Planned Development zoning districts have a shared design standards handbook. When proposing new development, this is the document to follow for building architecture, landscaping, bulk regulations, and other design considerations. Separately, both CMPD and SMPD also have County Code sections. Additionally, there are also planning recommendations contained within the Chester/Stevensville Community Plan.


The Town Center, Urban Commercial, and Airport Protection & Kent Island Gateway zoning districts also have a shared design standards document. These standards are geared more toward commercial and mixed-use development, which may include site layout, parking, architecture, stormwater management, and other site development concerns. Separately, each district also has County Code sections.

LIHS, VC, and SC

The County Code provides design guidelines for the Light Industrial Highway Service, Village Center, and Suburban Commercial zoning districts.


The Kent Island Suburban Commercial zoning district follows the TC and UC Design Standards as well as design guidelines specific to KISC.


The Waterfront Village Center zoning district has extensive design guidelines contained within the County Code. In addition, the Kent Narrows Community Plan has design objectives which complement the design guidelines and both need to be considered for all new and re-development of properties in the WVC.


The Neighborhood Village Center zoning district also has extensive design standards that are within the County Code.


The Stevensville Historic Village Center zoning district design guidelines are within the County Code.


The Grasonville Neighborhood Commercial and Grasonville Village Center zoning districts have design guidelines in the County Code as well as the direction to follow the design objectives of the Grasonville Community Plan.

Major Cluster Subdivisions proposed in the AG (Agricultural), CS (Countryside), NC (Neighborhood Conservation), E (Estate), SE (Suburban Estate), SR (Suburban Residential), and VC (Village Center) zoning districts will need to adhere to design guidelines contained in the County Code.