how to pay a citation

This is for payment of Queen Anne’s County Parks and Public Landings Citation Fines. You may pay the citation via phone, online, or at our Parks and Recreation office. We accept cash, credit card, and checks. 

  • Make checks payable to ‘QAC Parks and Public Landings’ and mail to:

1945 4-H Park Road, Centreville, MD 21617

  • To pay over the phone call 410-758-0835
  • To pay online click here: Pay Citation

If you received a citation, you are in violation of Chapter 20 and/or 22 of the Code of Public Local Laws of Queen Anne’s County. Please review your citation for cause.

If you wish to stand trail for this offense before the District Court of Maryland, you must notify Parks and Public Landings in writing within 15 calendar days. Please include your name, address, phone number, citation number, and reason for contesting the citation in the letter.

Failure to answer this citation will result in your vehicle tag renewal being denied and you will be charged associated costs. If your vehicle tag is already flagged, please call our office to make payment.

  • We need your citation number to process payment. If you cannot find your citation number, please provide us with your vehicle tag number.

For general questions, disputes, or concerns regarding your citation, please email 

For more information about Parks and Public Landings rules, permits, entrance fees, etc., please go to or contact Queen Anne’s County Department of Parks and Recreation at 410-758-0835.