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The original item was published from 6/17/2022 2:03:28 PM to 6/18/2023 12:00:07 AM.

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Posted on: June 17, 2022

[ARCHIVED] Todd Mohn’s Wrap Up of the June 14th County Commissioner Meeting

Todd Mohn’s Wrap Up of the June 14th County Commissioner Meeting

The Commissioners June 14th meeting started at 5:00 p.m. with a closed session for Boards and Commissions.

The regular meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m.

The Commissioners announced the following appointments to the various Boards:

Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board Motion to reappoint Mr. Dale Story to the Board. This vacancy is a 5-year term that will begin on July 1, 2022 and expire on May 31, 2027.  APPROVED 5-0

Board of Building Appeals Motion to reappoint Mr. John Leone to the Board. This vacancy is a 3-year term that will begin on July 1, 2022 and expire on June 30, 2025. APPROVED 5-0

Board of License Commissioners (Liquor Board) Motion to reappoint Gene Ransom to the Board and serve as Chairman.  This vacancy is a 4-year term that will begin on July 1, 2022 and expire on June 30. 2026. APPROVED 5-0

Emergency Services Advisory Council Motion to reappoint Steve Pringle requested to the Council. This vacancy is a 2-year term that will begin on July 1, 2022 and expire on June 30, 2024. APPROVED 5-0



  1. SKI Sewer Sanitary Project Phase 4 Engineering Bid 1 of 2            

Community Mains

Price proposals were solicited for engineering services for the fourth (and final) phase of the Southern Kent Island (SKI) Sanitary Project.  This phase consists of the subdivisions of Chesapeake Estates, Sunny Isle of Kent, Matapeake Estates, and the community of Normans/Batts Neck.  We only received a single bid, from Century Engineering, who designed the second and third phase community mains.  Contact was made with an unsuccessful bidder in the Phase 3 Community Mains design, and they indicated they simply felt they couldn’t compete so didn’t bother to bid.   Staff recommends to conditionally award the bid in the amount of $79,460 for the design of the SKI Phase 4 Community Mains to Century Engineering, Inc. with the condition being the approval by MDE of their efforts to satisfy the DBE goal and authorize the Director of Public Works to execute the design contract once MDE approves said effort. APPROVED 5-0

  1. Systematic Replacement of Fleet Equipment – Compactors  

The Solid Waste Division is requesting to purchase two (2) Model 265 XP-38 Yard Contained Compactors, from Mid Atlantic, of Easton MD, in the amount of $63,271.86, via the Sourcewell Pre-Established Contract # 041217-WQI.  This purchase was programmed in FY2023, and adequate funding is proposed in the FY2023 Capital Equipment Budget.  APPROVED 5-0

  1. Systematic Replacement of Fleet Equipment – Roll Off Truck

The Solid Waste Division is requesting to purchase one (1) Peterbilt Model 567 with Galbreath Tandem Axle Roll-Off Hoist, from Mid Atlantic, of Easton MD, in the amount of $256,183, via the Sourcewell Pre-Established Contract # 0041217-WQI.  This purchase was programmed in FY2023, and adequate funding is proposed in the FY2023 Capital Equipment Budget.  APPROVED 5-0

  1. Virginia Road – Public Hearing Request Private to Public Road Upgrade

A public meeting was held at the Kent Island Estates Community Hall to present and review the proposed Virginia Road Improvement Special Assessment project with members of the Kent Island Estates Roads Association, property owners and community members. The Virginia Road project totals 1,702 ft extending from North Lake Drive to Bay Drive and includes 19 property owners. The owners requested the County increase the term of the assessment from 10 to 20 years to match the SKI assessment and to keep the yearly payment around $500.00 per owner. The next step in the special assessment process is to schedule a public hearing.  Hearing scheduled for July 6th at the Kent Island Estates Community Hall. APPROVED 5-0

  1. Cooperative Agreement between the Maryland Department of Agriculture and Queen Anne’s County for the Control and Eradication of Noxious Weeds

This is the Cooperative Agreement between the Maryland Department of Agriculture and
Queen Anne’s County that provides for cooperation in the control and eradication of noxious and certain invasive weeds for the period July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023. Staff is requesting the Commission President’s signature on the agreement. APPROVED 5-0


1.    Proclamation 22-37 Pillar of the Month “Fairness


2.    Extension Request for Citizen Sponsored Text Amendments

#22-02, #22-03, #22-05, #22-06 and #22-07

The 2022 Queen Anne’s County Comprehensive Plan and Kent Narrow’s Community Plan were adopted on May 24, 2022.  As a result of the May 24, 2022, adoption of those Plans, an extension is requested for the review of the citizen sponsored text amendment applications #22-02, #22-03, #22-05, and #22-07 received in February 2022.  In regard to TACO #22-06, an extension is requested to allow for the County Commissioners’ decision on TACO #21-04 to be finalized before the Planning Commission reviews and makes a recommendation regarding that proposed amendment.  Staff is recommending a review extension in accordance with 18:1-220(C)(1) for these Citizen sponsored Text Amendment Applications which were conveyed to the Planning Commission by the County Commissioners on April 12, 2022, because of the delays noted places the Planning Commission’s recommendation outside of the required 90-day turn around period.   APPROVED 5-0


3.   Kent Narrows Development Foundation Draw on 570 Fund  

The Kent Narrows Development Foundation requested a draw of $20,000 from the 570 Fund. This will cover the Foundation’s projected upfront costs for grant funded projects in progress and will allow the Foundation to operate in an efficient manner as the new funds from the Special Taxing District become available for FY 2023. APPROVED 5-0

4.   Education Assistance Policy                             

In conjunction with the fiscal year 2023 budget and on behalf of the Employee Communication
 & Morale Committee, the Educational Assistance Policy was included in the budget for an enhancement effective July 1, 2022. Specifically, the proposal is to increase the funding by $1,000 per calendar year as listed below:

  • Undergraduate or trade school           $3,500 to $4,500
  • Graduate/Doctorate                            $4,500 to $5,500

To accommodate this request. we also included increased funding for the Educational Assistance
budget from $30,000 to $40,000 for FY 23. Staff recommends the adoption of the Educational Assistance Policy effective July 1, 2022. APPROVED 5-0

5.   Maryland Transit Administration FY22 ARPA Operating and Capital Grants.           

Attached you will find the MTA FY22 ARPA Operating and Capital Grants. Signing this document informs MTA that Queen Anne’s County accepts the Federal and State funding to support transit services and County Ride the Locally Owned Transit System of Queen Anne’s County.    APPROVED 5-0

6.   Bay Bridge Run 2022 MOU with MDTA and Corrigan Sports Enterprises, Inc.     

MDTA and Queen Anne’s County have negotiated with Corrigan Sports Enterprises to facilitate the 2022 Bay Bridge Run on November 13.  Last year, 2021, was the first year that Corrigan Sports Enterprises was contracted to run the event after several years of hiatus due to bridge construction and COVID-19 restrictions. It was reported that over 12,000 runners participated in the 2021 race and it is anticipated that this number will increase in 2022. The race starts in Anne Arundel County and ends in the Chesapeake Business Park with busing of participants occurring throughout Queen Anne’s County and Anne Arundel. This event is a great opportunity to showcase Queen Anne’s County as a Tourism destination. APPROVED 5-0

7.  FY 2023 MACo Budget & Dues                         

This is the annual budget and dues assessment for Fiscal Year 2023 as approved at the Winter
Business Meeting held on December 9, 2021. The budget was approved with a
continuation of a dues freezes from FY 2010, so the dues amount for QAC remains the same as the last 13 years. Annual dues are $15,113. APPROVED 5-0


8.  Turf Tech GPS- Sports Traq Line Marking Painter Purchase

The Department of Parks and Recreation is requesting permission to purchase via sole source from the Lawn and Golf Supply Company in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania the Traqnology Turf Tech GPS- SportsTraq GPS line marking ride on painter including a Kubota RTV52O for $61,940. This is a sole source purchase because of the technology using the RTK Network. This purchase will save an estimated $28,800 in salaries, $8,000 in paint cost and misc. expenses per year. APPROVED 5-0

9.  Butler –Minor Subdivision #22-01-0283 Legal Documents – Amended Perpetual Protective Agreement Deed of Forest Conservation Easement 

This is an Amended Perpetual Protective Agreement Deed of Forest Conservation Easement
 document for the Butler Minor Subdivision #22-01-0283.  In 2008, the Butler properties (Tax Map 64, Parcels 270, lots IC & ID) received minor subdivision approval to create four lots. As part of this approval, a Deed of Forest Conservation Easement was recorded among the Land Records of Queen Anne’s County that placed 0.285 acres of forested land into a Protected Forest Area. Currently, the applicant has proposed reconfiguring the boundary lines of the 0.285 acres of protected forest areas. The proposed amendment to the existing Critical Area Planting Plan and reconfiguration of the protected forest area meets County code requirements for forest protection in the Critical Area

10.  Transfer and Participation Agreement for LEOPS

This is the transfer and participation agreement with the MD State Retirement Agency to move forward with the Law Enforcement Officers Pension System (LEOPS) for eligible employees of the Department of Emergency Services.  This is the next step in the process to Transfer these staff members over to the LEOPS system.  The Participation Agreement must be signed on/or before June 24, 2022.  Patrick Thompson has reviewed this document for legal sufficiency. APPROVED 5-0

11.  Budget Amendment #CC-35

This amendment establishes Grant Revenue and corresponding expenditures for the Crisis Response and Intervention Programs grant that the Sheriff’s Office was awarded for the period 10/1/21 thru 9/30/22 ($22,250). APPROVED 5-0

12.  Budget Amendment #CC-36 

On 12/14/21 the Commissioners approved the contract with Long Fence to install/replace ballfield fencing and fabric at Batts Neck, Old Love Point and the Rt. 18 Park.  This amendment will increase budget authority in the amount of $161,004 in the Athletic Field Work project for ballfield fencing and fabric.  Funding is from a POS grant.  No additional County Funds needed. APPROVED 5-0


13.  Budget Amendment #CC-37 

This amendment is being prepared to recognize actual revenue earned in excess of budgeted revenue. Excess revenue collected in the current fiscal year will be allocated to account 36368, Tournament/Park Rents.  Revenue collected in prior fiscal years will be allocated to account 39920. Prior Year Fund Balance, as the revenue was recorded in Sungard.  The additional revenue will be used to fund necessary repairs, a field painter (cost of $61,940), and other equipment as needed. APPROVED 5-0

14.  Budget Amendment #CC-39 

This amendment removes budgeted POS funding from Projects 40393 (Davidson Park) and 40215 (Preventative Park Maintenance) in the amount of $119,919 and $4,000.  APPROVED 5-0

15.  Budget Amendment #CC-40 

This amendment will establish additional budget authority in Parks projects 40911 Terrapin Trail, and 40913, Trail Development.  The additional budget authority will cover the final expenses for the construction of the small ranger station and restrooms at Terrapin Park.  The additional budget authority will be used to pave one mile of the South Island Trail, making it approximately seven miles.  Total additional County funding requested is $58,651 and is required as a local match under both grants (3% local match under Project 40911 and 7% local match under Project 40913. APPROVED 5-0

16.  Budget Amendment #CC-41 

This amendment will remove budgeted federal capital grants and offsetting budgeted expenditures from the Cross-County Connector Trail in the amount of $1,257,205, which are no longer expected to be received.  The Cross-County Connector Trail project is complete and will be closed out once the remaining budget authority has been removed. APPROVED 5-0

17.  Budget Amendment #CC-42 Kent Narrows Improvements 

This amendment establishes budget authority to spend funds collected in prior years in this Special Revenue Fund to cover additional expenditures in FY22 for the Kent Narrows Development.  The approved FY22 budget includes $38,000 to be spent in account 89950 for the Kent Narrows Development Foundation program costs. In addition, budget amendment CC-20 was approved on September 28, 2021, which authorized $25,000 in additional budget authority.  There is sufficient fund balance available in the Kent Narrows Fund to cover this amendment. APPROVED 5-0

DESK ITEM 18 - Rural Broadband Grant Support Letter - Economic & Tourism Development is seeking grant funding under the Rural Maryland Economic Development Fund to improve broadband access and functionality in commercial areas.  In preparation for this grant, they have requested a letter of recommendation from the County in support of their efforts. APPROVED 5-0



  1. Letter from Circuit Court – Grant Award
  2. Letter from James Durham 
  3. Thank you card from Debbie Birch
  4. Thank you card from Donna Landis-Smith 
  5. Drink Maryland Press Release   
  6. Plumbing/HVAC Board Minutes – March 24, 2022   



  1. Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board – Dan Schneckenburger 

Mr. Schneckenburger requested the Board to reappoint Ms. Beverly Churchill to serve on the Upper Shore Workforce Investment Board for a term to expire June 30, 2025.  APPROVED 5-0

  1. Proclamation 22-33 Teacher of the Year Stephanie MacKenzie 
  2. Advanced Primary Care – Beverly Churchill APPROVED TO PROCEED 5-0
  3. 2022 Legislative Review – Bruce Bereano  

V.  Adoption of the FY2023 Operation and Capital Budgets.  APPROVED 5-0



1.  Agricultural Preservation: Public Hearing APPROVED 5-0

2.  County Ordinance 21-04 – Utility Solar Array (USSA) ADOPTED 5-0


Or you can watch the meeting here

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