What if the owner does not redeem the property?
If an owner fails to redeem his property from tax sale, the bidder may file a civil action case in Queen Anne’s County Circuit Court to foreclose the owner’s right of redemption. The action to foreclose the owner’s right of redemption must be filed no less than 6 months from the date of sale and no more than 2 years from the date of the sale.

If judgment is granted in favor of the bidder, the bidder may gain full title to the property by paying the balance of their bid, if any, any taxes and other fees that have accrued after the date of sale, after which a deed can be submitted to the Tax Collector. Payment must be made and deed submitted within 90days or the Tax Collector will move to dismiss the judgment, see the Annotated Code of Maryland, Tax Property Article §14-847 (d).

If judgment is stricken, it is the same as if the bidder never filed civil action.

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