Concept Plan

A Concept Plan has two very different and separate review types.

The first for the conversion of a property from a residential use to a commercial, institutional, or industrial use and does not require an applicant to submit a fully engineered site plan.  A conversion plan must demonstrate that the subject property has adequate parking, the required landscaping and buffering, stormwater management, and proper road access.  This plan does not involve any new floor area, outside storage, or modifications to the existing residence to be converted.  Typically, these plans are reviewed by staff and approved and signed by the Planning & Zoning Director.  Refer to Section 18:1-139.A(2).

The second is for the consideration of matters relating to a future application for a site plan or mixed-used plan that requires guidance on specific development issues without necessitating a fully engineered plan.  This option is also referred to as a Special Application under Section 18:1-143 and is approved by the Planning Commission and in some cases, also by the County Commissioners.  A Concept Plan may be submitted for the following types of proposals:

  • Growth Allocation
  • Water and/or Sewer Amendments
  • Density
  • Architecture
  • Variances
  • Conditional Uses

Concept plans must minimally address Forest Conservation and the Critical Area (if applicable) by substantiating that those requirements can be met when a site plan is submitted.  You may access those pages with the links to left.

While not required at this initial review stage for a Concept Plan (not conversion plans), many applicants choose to begin the APFO submittal and review process depending on their proposal.  Please refer to the APFO page for more information.


Staff recommends a pre-application meeting to go over any questions or concerns about a proposal before submittal.

Please refer to the STAC review process for the submittal and meeting schedule for a Concept Plan.

Please open and download all the paperwork, so that you may be able to submit and file a complete application.

Application & Documents