What can be dropped at Recycling Containers

View all recycling information including locations and acceptable material for the Midshore Regional Recycling Program:

Midshore Regional Recycling Program (MRRP) Recycling Questions and Answers

Recycling Locations and Hours

Miscellaneous Materials

Midshore Regional Recycling Program 

For Residents of Caroline, Kent, Queen Anne’s & Talbot County

What you can place in the Recycling Drop-Off containers:

Cans: Aluminum, tin, steel, bi-metal, lids from jars
Paper: Newspapers, junk mail, carton board (such as cereal boxes),magazines, office paper
Plastics: All small containers and bottles with a # 1 (one) or # 2(two) symbol on the bottom

Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard (flattened) 
Glass: Food containers and beverage containers (bottles & jars)

View all recycling information including locations and acceptable material for the Midshore Regional Recycling Program: 

 Recycling Program Info 

County Contact Information:

Caroline County
Kevin Brown – Recycling Coordinator

(410) 479-4151


Kent County

Vacant – RecyclingCoordinator

(410) 778-7448

Queen Anne’s County

ConnieToulson – Recycling Coordinator



Talbot County

Derick Brummell – RecyclingCoordinator

(410) 770-8170


All Counties

Earle Wood – Recycling Program Manager

(443) 685-4073


Miscellaneous Materials

Books: donate to a local library or see: https://www.discoverbooks.com/Get-Involved-s/2517.htm

Fluorescent light bulbs:http://www.lamprecycle.org/broken-bulbs/where-to-recycle/

Fire Extinguishers: check with your local fire department or call Safety Tank of Maryland, Inc. 

(410)487-1681, 3113 Cabin Run Road, Woodbine, MD 21797 (there is a charge for disposal or recycling)

Furniture & Useable Appliances: if useable give to a local charity organizations, if not dispose of at county disposal facility or in landfill

Household Batteries, Rechargeable Batteries and Cell Phones:  http://www.call2recycle.org/locator/

Mattresses: recycle at the Midshore II Landfill in Ridgely (there is a $ charge) or dispose of at county disposal facility or in landfill

Paint & Chemicals: bring to the bi-annual Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Day

Pesticide PlasticContainers: https://mda.maryland.gov/plants-pests/Documents/2019RecycleBrochure.pdf

Plastic Grocery Bags: local grocery stores see: https://www.plasticfilmrecycling.org/recycling-bags-and-wraps/find-drop-off-location/

Propane Tanks: check with local propane dealers (many accept) or bring to the bi-annual Household Hazardous Waste Day

Road & Marine Flares:  check with your local fire department regarding disposal

Scrap Metal & Appliances: recycle at your local scrap dealer, county disposal facility or dispose of in landfill

Smoke Detectors: see if the manufacturer will take it back or dispose of in household trash

Styrofoam (polystyrene): No local recycling options, dispose of in household trash

Textiles: give to local charity organizations or deposit in local clothing bins at recycling sites and County Drop Off Sites(Transfer Stations) with the exception of the Federalsburg & Melville Drop Off Sites

TV’s & CRT’s – plasma, LCD and tube TV’s bring to the semi-annual HHW Day

Used Motor Oil Locations: https://www.menv.com/services/108

Vegetable or Cooking Oil: Centreville Transfer Station or Nicholson Drop Off Center (see address below)

Computer Peripherals: recycle at the HHW Day or year round at the following locations: 

Caroline County: 

Holly Road Homeowner Drop-off - 11930 Holly Rd., Ridgely 

Mon., Thurs., Sat. 7 am - 4 pm / Tues., Wed., Fri. 10 am - 6 pm 

Kent County: 

Nicholson Drop-off Center - 23750 Larney Nick Rd, Chestertown 

Mon., Wed., Fri. 8 am - 4 pm / Sat. 8 am - 2 pm 

Queen Anne’s County: 

Batts Neck Transfer Station - 422 Batts Neck Rd., Stevensville - Wed., Fri., Sat. 8am - 4 pm 

Centreville Transfer Station - 401 Harper Rd., Centreville - Mon., Wed., Sat. 8 am - 4 pm 

Grasonville Transfer Station - 401 Gravel Run Rd., Grasonville - Tues., Thurs., Sat. 8 am -4 pm 

Talbot County 

Talbot County Homeowner Drop-off - 7341 Barkers Landing Rd., Easton 

Mon.- Fri. 8 am - 12 noon / Sat. 8 am - 4 pm 

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