Home and Community-Based Options Waiver

The goal of the Community Options Waiver is to enable older adults to remain in a community setting even though a medical condition or disability would warrant placement in a long-term care facility. The waiver allows services that are typically covered by Medicaid only in a long-term care facility to be provided to eligible persons in their own homes or in assisted living facilities. Under a Medicaid Waiver, the federal government "waives" certain requirements that it imposes on states, such as the requirement that the services be provided in a nursing facility. For eligible clients, the State will pay for covered services to enable them to stay in the community. Currently, there is a waiting list for these services. To be added to the Waiting List Registry a screening must be completed to determine your placement on the list. For more information and to complete the screening, please contact our office at 410-758-0848.

Community First Choice

The goal of Community First Choice is to assist eligible Maryland residents who need support with activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, dressing and accessing the community. To qualify for this program, a resident must financially qualify for Community medicaid and also have an Institutional Level of Care based on a uniform assessment. If interested, please contact:

  • Long-term care and waiver services: 1-877-4MD-DHMH (1-877-463-3463)

Public Guardianship

Public Guardianship Services provides protection and advocacy on behalf of older adults who are deemed by a court of law to lack the capacity to communicate responsible decisions concerning their daily living needs.

Money Follows the Person

Money Follows the Person is an initiative to identify Medicaid eligible individuals in nursing homes that are interested in returning to the community using home and community-based services through Medicaid Waivers.