Roads Division

Road Maintenance

The County Roads Division maintains approximately 556 miles of roads and 32 bridges. Maintenance includes repair of asphalt and gravel roads guardrails, drainage pipes, storm drains, inlets, and side ditches.

The Roads Division investigates all citizen requests and makes recommendations for additional sign placement. This department also performs tree and brush trimming and removal, routine maintenance, cleaning, painting, and minor repairs to bridges. Queen Anne's County is divided into 22 snow plow routes. Queen Anne's County maintains salt and abrasives. 

Emergency Response

The division responds to emergencies such as:

  • Road flooding
  • Trees that are down
  • Vehicle accident damages

Sign Division

The Sign Division is responsible for traffic engineering and maintains and places all County highway markings such as center lines, edge lines, crosswalks, stop bars, turn lanes, and railroad crossings. In addition, the Sign Division replaces, repairs, cleans, and installs road name and traffic control signs.

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