Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Flushing Expectations

The Sanitary District conducts flushing programs annually. A flushing schedule will be posted once set. Customers in this area will experience periods of discolored water and pressure drops. We ask our customers to avoid doing laundry at this time and to reduce their use of hot water to a minimum. We will be starting at 7:30 a.m. on the morning of the flush and continue late into the day. Signs will be posted at the entrances to the affected communities. Please feel free to call 410-643-3535 with any questions or to report a problem.

Water Quality During Flushing

Water line flushing will AFFECT the water quality to ALL the homes in the service area, not just the homes on the streets listed. Residents & Businesses in the service area being flushed should expect minor amounts of sediment and iron during the flushing process. Please call 410-643-3535 with questions or to report a problem.

Tuesday: October 2, 2018 – Stevensville

1.  Stevensville

                A. 202 St. Claire Place

                B. 101 Main Street & Business Parkway- Queenstown Bank

                C. Kent Island Library (Blow-Off Hydrant)

                D. Stevensville Middle School Hydrant

                E. 501 State Street/ Main Street

                F. Mallard Run 356 Web Foot Lane

Wednesday: October 3, 2018 - Cloverfields - East

1.  Cloverfields - East

                A. 201 Grollman Road

                B. 7 Alva Court

                C. 5 George Court

                D. 2 Genevieve Court

2.  Kimberly Way

                A. 816 Kimberly @ Johnny Lane

                B. 215 Nichols Manor Drive near May Lane

3.  Monroe Manor

                A. 908 Monroe Manor Drive

                B. 114 Nichols Manor Drive

                C. 6 Ackerman Court (Blow off)


Thursday: October 4, 2018 - Cloverfields - West

1.  Cloverfields West

                A. 341 Larch Place @ Love Point Road

                B. Walker Road and Whispering Pine @ Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church

                C. 707 Mason Road near Larch Place

                D. 9 Larch Court

                E. 801 Dixon Drive

                F. 1039 Avalon Court

                G. 102 Bay Meadows

Tuesday: October 9, 2018 - Bay City
1.  Bay City
                A. 507 Broadcreek Drive
                B. 408 Wallman Way
                C. 209 Chesapeake Drive
                D. 208 McKay
2.  Matapeake Schools

Wednesday: October 10, 2018 - Thompson Creek
1.  Pier One Road
                A. 500 Marina Club Road-Chesapeake Beach Club
2.  Kmart Shopping Center / Ledo’s
                A. Kmart Hydrant
                B. Blow-off behind Ledo’s
3.  Creek End
                A. 104 Jib Way- Anchorage Lane
                B. 225 Creek’s End Lane
                C. 1200 Thompson Creek Road(End)

Thursday: October 11, 2018 – Thompson Creek / Ellendale
1.  Ellendale
                A. John Patrick
                B. 301 Mike Way
                C.  DNR by Matapeake Water Tower
                D. Sonny Schulz Blvd
                E. Matapeake Club House (Blow-off hydrant)

Tuesday: October 16, 2018 – Bayside/Queens Landing
1.  Bayside
                A. 402 Schooner Way
                B. 915 Auckland Way
                C. 1018 Auckland Way (Flushing Hydrant)
2.  Queens Landing
                A. Queen Guinevere Way & Queen Neva Court
                B. 44 Queen Neva Court (Valve Box Blow-off Hydrant)
                C. 30 Queen Mary
3.  Kent Island Fire Station
                A. AAMC/ Kent Island Fire Station
4.  Gibson Grant
                A. 261 Claiborne Street & Carriage Heath
                B. 233 McGuckin Street
                C. 302 Claiborne Street
                D. 336 Macum Creek Drive
                E. 156 Winchester Street

Wednesday: October 17, 2018 – Bridgepointe/ Kent Island Village/ Clayborne Woods
1.  Bridgepointe
                A. 8000 Bridgepointe Hydrant
                B. 2000 Bridgepointe Hydrant
                C. Bridgepointe Court Blow Off
                                1. 2000
                                2. 4000
                                3. 5000
                                4. 7000
                                5. 6000
                                6. 8000
2.  Harborview / Kent Island Village
                A. 1925 Anchorage Drive - Hydrant
                B. Harbor View
                                1. 1925 Anchorage Drive (Fire Hydrant & Flushing Hydrant)
                                2. 1928 Sherman Way (Flushing Hydrant) 

Thursday: October 18, 2018 – Bridgepointe / Kent Island Village / Claiborne Woods

                A. Main Street & Shamrock Road

                B. 101 Dundee Avenue

                C. 110 South Piney Court

                D. 413 Hanna Court

                E. 112 Hanson Court

                F. 123 Chessie Court

                G. 132 Addison Court

                H. 110 Foster Court

                I.  110 Logan Court

Tuesday: October 23, 2018 - Kent Narrows / Prospect / Riverside
1. Oyster Cove
                A. 1607 Oyster Cover Drive
2. Mears Pointe
                A. 428 Mears Pointe Rd.
3.  Narrows Pointe
                A. 546 Narrows Pointe Rd.
4.  Chesapeake Exploration Center
                A. 401 Swan's Cove
5.  Prospect Bay
                A. PBDW around 240
                B. PBDW around 330
                C. 25 Fairway Island
6.  Riverside Drive
                A. Dunn Lane

Wednesday: October 24, 2018 - Grasonville
1. Grasonville
                A. 461 Pullman Crossing
2. The Woods
                A. 101 Gravel Run Road - Timber Lane North
                B. 101 Gravel Run Road - Timber Lane South
3.  Greenwood
                A. 561 Narnia Drive South / Caspian Drive
                B. 129 Narnia Drive North / Caspian Drive
                C. 118 Rilian Court
                D. 112 Aravis Court
4.  White Tail Community
                A. End of Fawn Lane
5.  Tall Pines
                A. 152 Tall Pines
6.  Nesbit Road & Shoreway Drive/ AAMC

Notes and Comments:
The flushing schedule may be effected by and may change as the result of unforeseen circumstances such as equipment failure or weather.

Flushing will AFFECT the water quality to All the homes in the service area listed, not just the homes on the streets listed. All the homes in the service area being flushed should expect sediment and iron during the flushing process.

Full PDF of Flushing Schedule

Pipes Flushing by a Fire Hydrant