Sea Level Rise and Coastal Storm Surge Vulnerability Assessment Study Performed

Queen Anne’s County has performed a vulnerability assessment to assess potential future impacts associated with sea level rise and coastal storm surge. The County was the recipient of a CoastSmart Communities Grant (CCG) administered by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Using the state’s sustainable growth plan as a reference guide, three sea level rise and storm surge scenarios were mapped to identify areas of vulnerability and risk:

  • Scenario (1) year 2050 - Sea Level Rise of 2 Feet
  • Scenario (2) year 2100 - Sea Level Rise of 4 Feet
  • Scenario (3) year 2050 - Sea Level Rise of 2 Feet plus coastal storm surge

Through a formal proposal process the County contracted with engineering consultant Rummel, Klepper & Kahl (RK&K) to develop the report. Results of the vulnerability assessment indicate that sea level rise and storm surge will affect a range of resources, including infrastructure, land use and natural resources. The vulnerability assessment will be important in addressing public safety, current and future infrastructure, comprehensive planning and hazard mitigation planning. The County’s also intends to reference the report for future participation in the National Floodplain Insurance Program Community Rating System.

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