The Department of Public Works is responsible for administering the county's floodplain program. With over 414 miles of coastline and 29.2 square miles of water area, many properties in Queen Anne’s County are prone to the effects of hurricanes, tropical storms and heavy rain events.

The low lying, relatively undisturbed topography, high seasonal water tables, poor drainage and high runoff characteristics of the soils combine to provide a high flooding potential. When heavy rainfall and a high river discharge combine with storm tides, low lying areas adjacent to rivers and estuaries become inundated with saltwater.

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Kimberly Way in the Cloverfields community is inundated by floodwaters resulting from Hurricane Isab

National Flood Insurance Program

Queen Anne’s County participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which is a federal program designed to guide community-enforced building and zoning ordinances, establish floodplain mapping, and provide access to a affordable, federally-backed flood insurance protection for property owners.

Floodplain Forms

Cloverfields Drainage Website- Information specific to Cloverfields