Comprehensive Zoning Code Update

The Queen Anne’s County Zoning and Subdivision Regulations, also known as Chapter 18:1, were last updated in 2004. Throughout the last 20 years, there have been two Comprehensive Plans adopted and countless zoning text amendments. Additionally, new State and Federal regulations and guidelines need to be reflected in our Zoning Code. Add to this mix, multiple social, economic, and environmental changes since 2004. The 2022 Comprehensive Plan’s goals, strategies and recommendations have prompted the commencement of the 2023 Chapter 18:1 update. These items, as well as needs projected for the next decade, must be captured and included in the zoning regulations of Queen Anne’s County.

Over the next year(s) the Planning Commission will be provided with a series of proposed code updates, some of which may lead to map changes. Each code update will address goals and/or objectives of the 2022 Comprehensive Plan or deficiencies, ambiguities, or contradictions identified in the current Zoning and Subdivision Regulations. 

Following recommendations made by the Planning Commission, the County Commissioners must vote to adopt any updates to the Zoning and Subdivision Regulations.

Section (District) Existing Code
Meeting and
Airport Protection and Kent Island Gateway District
(Ord. #23-05 and #23-06)
§ 18:1-34 July 13, 2023 October 28, 2023
Nonwater-Dependent Structures on Piers (Ord. #24-01) § 14:1-11 and § 14:1-49 February 8, 2024  
Camping Cooperative (Ord. #24-02) § 18:1-18 and § 18App-1 February 8, 2024  
Pier Extension Through Granting of a Variance
(Ord. #24-03)
§ 18:1-41 February 8,2024