2009 Resolutions

DescriptionDate Signed
09-01Not EnactedN/A
Electronic Media Advisory Board02/24/ 2009
09-03Department of Business and Economic Development02/24/2009
For the Purpose of Increasing the Salary of the Sheriff of QAC
09-05Centreville Community Plan03/24/2009
09-06Power Electronics, LLC04/28/2009
09-07Transfer of Property in Sudlersville06/09/2009
09-08CDBG Grant05/12/2009
09-09Mid-Shore II Regional Landfill05/12/2009
09-10QAC Fiscal Year 2010 Adopted Budget
09-11Golden Age Pass06/23/2009
09-12Grant of Growth Allocation Under County Ordinance 09-1607/28/2009
09-13Local Debt Policy08/25/2009
09-14Bond Resolution09/22/2009
09-15Raffle Permits12/08/2009
09-16Lien - 108 Decousey Thom Road10/13/2009
09-17Lien - 134 Decousey Thom Road10/13/2009
09-18Lien - 321 South Carolina Road10/13/2009
09-19Lien - 115 Rock Lane10/13/2009
09-20Lien - 121 Newtown Road10/13/2009
09-21Home Sales, Inc.10/13/2009
09-22Emergency Order (Amended 06-13)12/22/2009