Division of Housing

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Housing Resources and Assistance during the COVID19 Pandemic

Queen Anne’s County Division of Housing and Community Services is dedicated to provide crucial housing resources and assistance during the COVID19 Pandemic.

If you are having trouble paying your rent or utilities, please contact our office and we will provide assistance or resources in any way that we can.  Please read our Press Release regarding Emergency Rental Assistance and Quarantine Sheltering that we are able to provide during this time: CLICK HERE

If you are homeless, please contact our emergency shelter at 410-739-7859.  You should also contact our office so we can assist you in finding permanent housing.

If you are looking for other resources please CLICK HERE to view or current Resource Guide.

We will update this section of our website as more assistance and resources become available.

Working to Help all County Citizens Become More Self-Sustainable


Our Team works with people who are experiencing many different types housing issues across the spectrum.

The Division of Housing and Community Services is part of the Queen Anne's County Department of Community Services.  Our mission is: Queen Anne’s County citizens will become more self-sustainable and will secure and maintain decent, safe and affordable housing. Ultimately, we want to help all County citizens become more self-sustainable by providing "a hand up and not a hand out." 

The Division administers a variety of housing programs serving Queen Anne's County residents across the housing needs spectrum.  We have three specific units covering the following areas (click on each title to learn about how they can help you).