Special Projects

New Housing Study - Complete

The County Commissioners and the Queen Anne's County Division of Housing and Community Services (DHCS) obtained grant fund through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program through the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to perform a housing study for Queen Anne's County.  Over the past year the DHCS has been working in collaboration with Partners for Economic Solutions to complete the Housing Study.  The Housing Study is now complete and DHCS will start working on implementing the strategies in the study to help further affordable housing throughout Queen Anne's County.

QAC Housing Study - April 2021 (PDF)

Looking for Interested Contractors

The Queen Anne’s County Division of Housing and Community Services is putting together a list of contractors interested in bidding on and performing repairs to homes of residents in the Queen Anne’s County area.  Repairs will focus on health and safety issues but may include other general repairs as well.  These repairs may include, but are not limited to; handicap accessibility and ramps, HVAC repairs or replacement, electrical repairs and smoke detectors, plumbing and roofs, windows and doors.

Contractors will be emailed a list of jobs as they come available which will include the work write up and the address and phone number of the resident.  A date will be given for when bids are due. The proposals will be submitted to the Division of Housing, reviewed with and selected by the homeowner.  Funds are paid to the contractor by the Queen Anne’s County within 30 days of completion, but usually within 2 weeks.  No “up front” money is paid.

Contractors must be licensed and insured in the State of Maryland to bid and perform all work.

If interested please complete this form Click Here for Form


Feel free to email the following information to dweilandjones@qac.org

            Contractor Name:

            Phone number:

            Mailing Address:

            Email Address:

            MHIC No. or Business License Number:

           Type of work interested in bidding on (i.e., general improvement, HVAC, Roofing, plumbing, etc.)