Mission, Vision & Organizational Statement


The preservation of the lives and property of the citizens and visitors of Queen Anne’s County through the provision of efficient and effective communication resources, emergency medical services, emergency preparedness, and fire, prevention, and education. These critical services are provided with pride and compassion.


To create and maintain a leading edge emergency services organization of highly trained, technologically driven, competent career and volunteer professionals dedicated to exceeding our customers' expectations through such time honored values as commitment, community involvement, integrity, pride, compassion and a duty to excel.

Organizational Statement

The organization of the Queens Anne’s County Department of Emergency Services (DES) is somewhat different than most other traditionally organized public safety structures. In many jurisdictions, several of these functions are split among several different Departments creating competition among the functions. In others, one function may be place subservient to another with in the same organization. In 2004 the County approved Title 21 Subtitle 3, thereby creating a department that brings together four closely tied yet distinct functions or divisions, operating under one umbrella. The Communications, EMS , Emergency Management, and Fire Marshal Service functions are lead by Division Chiefs who oversee complex organizations, have equal rank, and manage their divisions as separate operations, while at that same time enjoying a close partnership with the other Chiefs sharing ideas and resources. One Division does not take higher priority over the other; each has an equal voice in the decision making process of the Department. Budgets are prepared independently forming a Department budget with four components while distinct needs may be met by transferring funds as needed across the Divisions.

This model creates a functioning team of emergency services providers under a common infrastructure. Administrative and support cost are shared across divisions providing for economies of scale. Division staff are crossed trained to better serve the community.

The Department is served by an Advisory Council (DESAC) whose function it is to advise the Department on matters of policy regarding the provision of emergency services within Queen Anne’s County. In order to carry out this mission there are four standing committees; Law Enforcement, EMS and Public Health, Communications, and Public Information and Education. DESAC provides a forum for all public health and safety departments and agencies to discuss issues of mutual concern, as well as to advise the Department on how best to serve them.