Forms, Documents, and Publications

Single Family Homes

  1. Subdivisions with Previously Approved Stormwater Management Plans (PDF) - Generally a plan is not required for homes in subdivisions with an approved subdivision Stormwater Management Plan.
  2. Simplified Stormwater Management Application (PDF) - Used with Non-Rooftop Disconnection and Rooftop Disconnection only.
  3. Standard Stormwater Management Plan (PDF) - Used when Non-Rooftop Disconnection and Rooftop Disconnection requirements cannot be met. Our sample Standard Plan and Summary and Instructions for standard plan.
  4. Engineered Stormwater Management Plan. Used when none of the above plans satisfies minimum control requirements and in larger, complex designs. Contact Queen Anne’s County DPW for more information on this level of plan development. 

Other Development

  1. Administrative and Sliding Scale Subdivisions - ESD required for future land development; SWM plan required
  2. Major and Minor Subdivisions - Requires Engineered Plans
  3. Major and Minor Site Plans - Requires Engineered Plans
  4. Single Lot Administrative Subdivisions - SWM Plan required and Building Permit
  5. Agricultural Activities - These are reviewed by QA Soil Conservation. Reach them at 410-758-3136, ext. 3.

Forms & Details

  1. Summary and Instructions for Standard SWM Plan (PDF)
  2. SWM Project Completion Form (Fillable PDF 05.03.21)
  3. SWM Project Completion Form (Printable 05.03.21) 
  4. Standard Plan ESD Selection Criteria (PDF) - Help for selecting the best practice for your site.
  5. Sample Standard Plan (Form) (PDF) and Graphics (PDF)
  6. Citizens Guide to Healthy SWM Ponds (PDF)
  7. Submittal Checklist (PDF)
  8. Maintenance and Inspection Agreement (MIA) (PDF) - Ensures practices are properly maintained and inspected on a regular basis. This is required for Standard and Engineered Plans.
  9. Blank Elevation Certificate (PDF)

Single Lot Residential (SLR) 

For contractors or individual property owners, refer to below list for micro-scale ESD treatment practice details. 

One Document With All Details (PDF)

  1. Rooftop Disconnection Detail (PDF)
  2. Non-Rooftop Disconnection Detail (PDF)
  3. Permeable Paver Detail
  4. Drywell Detail (PDF)
  5. Rain Garden Detail (PDF)
  6. Wet Soil Rain Garden Detail (PDF)
  7. Bioswale Detail (PDF)
  8. Planter Detail (PDF)
  9. Tools (PDF)

Helpful Links

  1. Cloverfields Drainage Website
  2. Subdivisions with approved SWM Plans