Queen Anne's County Parks

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Division Overview

The Parks division is one of the five major operating divisions in the department which consist of Parks, Recreation, Airport, Public Landings and Golf Course.  The Airport, Public Landings and Golf Course are enterprise divisions. Together these divisions maintain more than 3,113 acres of Park property throughout Queen Anne’s County in addition to maintenance, grass cutting and snow removal for Board of Education grounds and recreation facilities at 16 school sites totaling 320 acres.  The Parks division alone is responsible for 22 county parks and 10 county natural resource areas.  While the Public Landings division operates and maintains 18 landings, 2 fishing piers and 3 marinas. These five divisions provide boundless public recreation opportunities by air, land and water.  Whether resident or tourist, all enjoy the Department’s convenient parks, water access areas, golf course and airport that highlight Queen Anne’s County as the gateway to the eastern shore.

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